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Zofia and a friend

About Zofia

Hi. I’m Zofia, a teen who loves creating expressive and colorful art, being on stage singing, acting, dancing and exploring the world around me. I’m also an Entrepreneur.

I’ve used how God uniquely designed me, with Down syndrome (DS), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) to become a Sensory Expert, Handcraft Artisan and the Founder of my very own business, My Sensory Art. I began creating and using sensory fidget wands in response to my own sensory needs in order to control my emotions and feel better about myself.


Sharing my #JobCreators journey helps other people with developmental disabilities understand how they can start a business, too. Ideas can come from anything, even something you’re passionate about, like a hobby. Having a business helps you become more independent, integrates you into the community and allows you to create a meaningful future for yourself.

I’m also a self-advocate who supports Disability Rights issues and have presented several speeches on being an Entrepreneur, Pursuing Your Dreams and building awareness for special events like World Down Syndrome Day. I’m a Best Buddies Ambassador, Special Olympics Athlete, and participate in Exceptional Theater Company, Exceptional Fitness, Colormotion Art Studio, Broward Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization, David Posnack Jewish Community Center’s nationally recognized GiborimU and Miss ARC Broward Pageant.

Zofia and friend
Zofia Stage
Zofia and friend
Zofia and her brother
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