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As a Counselor and Psychotherapist that specializes in the emerging field of Neurodiversity these Sensory Wands are the perfect fidget to help busy the hands and clear the mind during sessions with my clients.

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Hi. I’m Zofia, a teen who loves creating expressive and colorful art, being on stage singing, acting, dancing and exploring the world around me. I’m also an Entrepreneur. I’ve used how God uniquely designed me, with Down syndrome (DS), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) to become a Sensory Expert, Handcraft Artisan and the Founder of my very own business, My Sensory Art.


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Zofia needs your business expertise to help her grow as a business owner herself. We are looking for mentors & partners to be a part of Zofia’s Business Support Team (BST).

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Financial contributions are welcome and appreciated. The contributions are applied towards the cost of Zofia’s start-up expenses and training. All financial supporters will be recognized on the website and supporters making a donation of $100.00 or more will receive a "Entrepreneurs #SHAREHAPPY" t-shirt.

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“Thank you to Zofia’s Choice for your donation of 20 Sensory Wands to the 2016 Miss ARC Broward Pageant. Your support of this event is appreciated! The contestants love receiving the wands and it is extra special that they are made with love by their friend Zofia.”

“It is impressive to see Zofia actively involved in events throughout the community such as Miss ARC Broward Pageant and it makes us so proud to see her accomplish such goals. Her positive and happy attitude to continue to strive to do better each day encourages us to support her and we hope to continue using her sensory wands in our yearly fundraisers throughout the school years.”

“Thank you to My Sensory Art by Zofia for fulfilling our order of a dozen Sensory Wands for the Broward Center’s inaugural Sensory Friendly performance!  Our patrons visiting the Quiet Room loved receiving and using the wands and it is extra special that each one is handcrafted with love by Zofia. The wands are beautifully made and were admired by all. Your attention to detail is evident in every unique wand you create.” 

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